What the plan offers

  • Over 40 hours of training

  • A selection of CSH's signature live webinars and self-paced content

  • Multiple opportunities to participate in live webinars

  • Access to all of the plans live broadcast recordings

  • Certificates of completion are available for every course. (CEUS are not offered)

Bundle includes

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.


  • How long do I have access to the training?

    You will have access to the training included in the plan for all of 2021.

  • Can I give access to the training to another person?

    No. You cannot transfer training benefits to another person. Training can only be accessed by the individual account holder assigned at the point of purchase.

  • Does the plan give access to all of CSH's training?

    No. The 2021 Training Plan gives access to a selection of training. Not all that the Training Center offers is included. What is included in the bundle can be found above.

  • Are the live webinars repeated?

    Yes, live webinars are repeated at least once throughout the year. Additional dates are added periodically. If you miss a webinar you will have access to the recording.

  • Are there discounts for bulk purchase?

    The price of $475 is 50% off the price of all the training included in the plan. An additional flat rate discount is available for the purchase of 25 or more.