About the Packages

At the Supportive Housing Training Center, we believe that our trainings are only the beginning of the learning experience. That’s why for some of our most popular trainings, we offer group rates and discussion guides so that supervisors can continue to support their team with their learning after they have taken the training. These packages provide an opportunity for teams to take the concepts they learned during a training and apply them to their daily work.

Packages Include:

  • Webinar registration for each team member

  • CSH Online Supportive Housing Training Center account set up for each team member

  • Access to certificates for each team member

  • 90 days access to webinar recordings

  • Group Discussion Guide - Includes activities and recommendations for virtual and in-person discussion to reinforce and encourage application of the learning after the webinar

Pricing Options

  • 4-20 Registrations

    $48 per person

  • 21-50 Registrations

    $40 per person

  • 50+ Registrations

    Contact us for pricing, training@csh.org


Contact training@csh.org for more information.