About the webinar

Level: Introductory/Intermediate

Understanding the experience, effect and impact of trauma on individuals is key to developing trauma-informed practices. This foundational course will explore the experience of trauma and how unaddressed issues may manifest in tenants and in the workplace. In addition, the course will take a deep look into how our brains work; to better understand psychological injury and wounds and the impact of stressors on overall health and well-being. By understanding our brains we can begin to take better care of ourselves and others.

This course is ideal for anyone considering implementing trauma-informed practices or wishing to develop a better understanding of the experience of traumatic events.

Note: this course is focused on “understanding trauma” and will not include strategies for trauma-informed care. This is an ideal primer for Trauma-Informed Care. For training on Trauma-Informed Care see our course catalog.

Learning Goals

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The Impact of traumatic experiences on individuals

  • How the brain processes and heals from trauma

  • The impact of stressors on the body and mind

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Senior Program Manager Ambrosia Crump

Ambrosia Crump has been in public service for almost 15 years, both as a direct service provider and in driving and informing community programs and practice. In addition to her professional roles, Ambrosia leverages insights from her lived experiences receiving services in systems of care that touch poverty, child welfare, and housing insecurity. Ambrosia also coordinated, developed and delivered various trainings and workshops for direct service providers to facilitate access to local community resources and Mainstream Benefits.

Director Lisa Sepahi

Lisa is the Director of the Training Center. She has 25+ years of experience working in direct services, housing, and policy. Her training specialties include supportive services, property management, leadership development, and adult learning. She believes that learning should be impactful and transformational---active learning that helps learners to build skills and the capacity to do the work they do every day.