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Level: Intermediate

Establishing trusting relationships is key to becoming a trauma-informed practitioner- and boundaries and transparency are key ingredients for building trust. Trust is earned and takes work, time and intention. This course will explore strategies to help housing and service providers identify and set boundaries, coach the people they work with in setting their own boundaries, investigate opportunities for increased transparency, and develop trust and rapport with clients/tenants. Building on the concepts learned in the “Safe spaces and Places” course, this course will dive deeper by exploring scenarios and strategies for establishing trusting relationships.

Persons with trauma histories have been harmed by others and may not find it easy to trust. As part of this course, participants will explore how to take a supportive role that promotes safety through boundary-setting, openness, and transparency.

In this webinar will help you to:

  • Identify barriers to establishing trusting relationships

  • Identify ways to effectively set boundaries and to affirm and support the boundaries of others

  • Implement person-centered planning and engagement strategies

  • Develop strategies and tools for cultivating trusting relationships and ways to promote resilience

  • Analyze opportunities for increased transparency in service delivery


Associate Director Lauren Velez

Lauren Velez is a Associate Director with CSH’s Metro Team, focusing on advancing supportive housing initiatives in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Lauren’s portfolio includes work with youth and families, single adults and high utilizers of Medicaid and emergency systems, Moving On, Aging in Place, and Keeping Families Together as well as expertise in harm reduction and Housing First.

Senior Program Manager Kate Bitney

Kate Bitney is a Senior Program Manager with over nineteen years of experience in the field of homeless services and supportive housing. She is a firm believer that Trauma-Informed Care is the core of making our world a better place and especially enjoys facilitating trainings on Trauma-Informed Care, Self-Care, and De-Escalation. Kate learns something new from every group and person she works with and loves seeing the ripple effect that quality services and interactions have on individuals, organizations, and systems.

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