About the webinar

Introductory Level

Engaging tenants in non-mandatory services is one of the biggest challenges that service providers face. In this webinar, we will discuss strategies to develop relationships between tenants and service providers using techniques such as motivational interviewing.

Learning Goals

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to approach engagement from a tenant centered focus

  • Learn strategies on how to build rapport and trust with tenants

  • Learn how motivational interviewing can be used help reach tenants who are apprehensive to engage in services

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Associate Director, Ohio

Terri Power

Terri Power is the Associate Director of the CSH Ohio office. She has 13 years experience supervising supportive housing staff and over 30 years experience providing and supervising high quality services in a variety of social service settings. She has specific expertise in quality improvement policies and procedures, and Medicaid billing requirements. She loves training and coaching because she is thoroughly committed to improving skills and expanding knowledge of service providers.

Senior Program Manager

Lindsey Bishop Gilmore

Lindsey Bishop Gilmore is a Senior Program Manager based in Detroit, MI. She is committed to sharing the lessons she’s learned over her 10+ years of experience with supportive housing and homelessness responses systems. Lindsey loves to create training experiences that are interactive and focused on problem-solving and building new capacities