On-demand Webinar

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

This on-demand webinar rebroadcast explores how housing and services providers can effectively work with persons who have served in the military through trauma-informed practices.
This session covers military-specific traumatic experience, military culture, and practical ways to engage with veterans and former military service members.

Trainers Dexter Egleston a Marine Corp veteran and social worker and Kate Bitney provide an engaging and fresh perspective on the unique needs of those who have served.

Learning Goals

Learners will learn:

  • How military culture impacts and influences individual identity and behavior

  • Types of military-based trauma experiences

  • Building blocks for developing military cultural competency

  • Application of trauma-informed principles to better serve veterans and those who have served in the military

  • Steps to prevent re-traumatization

Recorded 11-13-20

Course Length: 80 Mins

    1. Trauma-Informed Care - Veterans Edition Recorded on 11/13/20

    2. Learner Guide

    3. Veteran Specific Resources

About this course

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    This training includes closed captions.

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    No. You must view the course online through your account.

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    Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the training. Note CSH does not provide CEUs.

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    Yes, contact us at training@csh.org for pricing.


Senior Program Manager Kate Bitney

Kate Bitney is a Senior Program Manager with over nineteen years of experience in the field of homeless services and supportive housing. She is a firm believer that Trauma-Informed Care is the core of making our world a better place and especially enjoys facilitating trainings on Trauma-Informed Care, Self-Care, and De-Escalation. Kate learns something new from every group and person she works with and loves seeing the ripple effect that quality services and interactions have on individuals, organizations, and systems.