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About the Certification

Wednesdays, Starting March 22 to May 3

1 -2:30 EST, 12-1:30 CST, 11-12:30 MST, 10-11:30 PST

This professional certificate program is for anyone interested in developing skills to provide quality trauma-informed services.

Many persons who have experienced homelessness will be impacted by trauma. Living through a traumatic event is a common experience across society and across the lifespan. Trauma will impact people in many different ways, understanding the widespread impact of trauma at the individual, community, and system levels can better prepare persons working in human service organizations to better support the needs of persons affected by trauma and minimize the potential for re-traumatization.

This competency-based certification program focuses on trauma-informed practices that are intended to ensure persons providing services and housing are able to:

  • Recognize how trauma shows up in those they work with including tenants and staff

  • Realize the experience of trauma is diverse and will impact each person differently which requires an individualized approach

  • Respond safely and effectively to the needs of individuals and families and connect with services and supports that promote resilience and recovery

This certification series includes 7 unique learning modules. Participants who complete each module and pass a skills review at the end of each session will receive a professional certificate in Trauma-Informed Approaches for Housing and Service Providers.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Trauma-Informed Approaches Certification Course

    2. Live Webinar Schedule

    3. Skills Review Information

    4. Applying What You Learn

    1. Instructions for Joining a Webinar

    2. Join Live Lesson Here Every Wednesday, 1pm EST, 12pm CST, 11am MST, 10am PST

    1. Session 1: Understanding Trauma Goals

    2. Understanding Trauma Learning Guide

    3. Skills Review Instruction

    4. Understanding Trauma Skills Review

    5. Live webinar recording

    6. Butterfly Hug

    7. Emotional Freedom Technique for Stress and Anxiety

    8. Post-traumatic-growth-inventory

    9. Suppression vs. Repression of Trauma Experiences

    10. Article: Listening to autistic voice: Mental health priorities to guide research and practice

    1. Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Approaches Session Goals

    2. Live webinar recording 3.29.23

    3. Learning Guide

    4. Fundamentals of Trauma Skills Review

    1. Session Goals

    1. Session Goals


Trauma-Informed Approaches Certification

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