About the webinar

Level: Introductory/Intermediate

Understanding the experience, effect and impact of trauma on individuals is key to developing trauma-informed practices. This foundational course will explore the experience of trauma and how unaddressed issues may manifest in tenants and in the workplace. In addition, the course will take a deep look into how our brains work; to better understand psychological injury and wounds and the impact of stressors on overall health and well-being. By understanding our brains we can begin to take better care of ourselves and others.

This course is ideal for anyone considering implementing trauma-informed practices or wishing to develop a better understanding of the experience of traumatic events.

Note, this course is focused on “understanding trauma” and will not include strategies for trauma-informed care. This is an ideal primer for Trauma-Informed Care. For training on Trauma-Informed Care see our course catalog.

Learning Goals

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The Impact of traumatic experiences on individuals

  • How the brain processes and heals from trauma

  • The impact of stressors on the body and mind

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