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Level: Introductory

This live webinar helps learners to be better prepared to support someone who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use issue. Aimed at persons with no professional training in mental health, this course provides an introduction and practical skills for working with persons who may be experiencing mental health or substance use disorders.

In this live webinar

You will learn:

  • Common mental health issues including signs and symptoms.

  • Learn practical tips for how to help.

  • Techniques for noticing and responding to a person who may be experiencing a mental illness or substance use problem.

  • How to apply trauma-informed strategies for responding to challenging or disruptive behavior.

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Associate Director Lauren Velez

Lauren Velez is a Associate Director with CSH’s Metro Team, focusing on advancing supportive housing initiatives in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Lauren’s portfolio includes work with youth and families, single adults and high utilizers of Medicaid and emergency systems, Moving On, Aging in Place, and Keeping Families Together as well as expertise in harm reduction and Housing First.

Associate Director Brian McShane

Brian McShane MSSP is an Associate Director at CSH with over 17 years of experience in Homeless and Mental Health Services. Brian has experience in delivering trainings on harm reduction, housing first, de-escalation, handle with care, and mental health first aid. Brian enjoys connecting with direct service providers in a collaborative learning environment focused on enhancing the quality of services delivered to supportive housing tenants