About the webinar

Level: Introductory

From recruitment to onboarding building an inclusive team requires thoughtful planning and strategy. This webinar, part of the Successful Supervision: Supporting Service and Housing Providers series, explores ways supervisors can develop and adopt strategies that promote and foster inclusion, from creating an equitable hiring strategy, setting team members up success in the most important first 90 days on the job and how to work collaboratively with your team to integrate and support new team members.

This course contains bonus learning content. Two free self-paced learnings included to help you build your team.

Learning Goals

In this webinar you will:

  • Create an effective onboarding program

  • Adopt hiring strategies that promote diversity and inclusion

  • Promote a culture of collaboration and inclusion within your team

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Bonus material

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  • Free Self-Paced Course

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  • Supervisor Workbook

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Director, Southwest Brooke Page

Brooke Page is a strategic thinker and solutions-focused advocate with 20+ years of experience in human service administration to include nonprofit, state, and local government program management and administration. As the Director of the southwest geography at CSH, Brooke is responsible for managing and delivering technical assistance with a focus on engaging systems, aligning resources to create new units of supportive housing (SH) and ensuring the delivery of equitable and quality services for individuals and families who have complex barriers that impact access to housing. Brooke is working to elevate CSH’s field operations and policy advocacy efforts within multiple sectors of care to showcase emerging practices that support long term housing solutions for people with complex barriers to housing.

Senior Program Manager/Instructor Chuck Peterson